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My Critter Catcher - Spider and Insect Catcher (Camo)

My Critter Catcher - Spider and Insect Catcher (Camo)

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Brand: My Critter Catcher

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  • Personal bug, spider and insect trap
  • Safely catch and remove: Spiders, Roaches, Scorpions, Flies, Crickets, Stink Bugs, Millipedes, Centipedes, Wasps, Yellow Jackets, Bees, Moths and more
  • Patented design keeps you and the insect safe – no direct contact with the bug and no mess
  • 100% Eco-friendly solution for removing bugs from your home
  • Easy to use for children, parents, and grandparents alike

Details: Introducing the Camo colored Critter Catcher newest member of the Critter Catcher family. Those critters will never see you coming. Don't be afraid of spiders and insects anymore. My Critter Catcher gives you the power to safely and easily remove spiders, and household pests. Plus, the critter's are unharmed while you bring them back to nature, where they belong. No more swatting and cleaning bug spots off the wall. My Critter Catcher is your safe, and environmentally friendly solution. My Critter Catcher is a real product that picks up all types of insects and other critters, without harming them. To pick up insects simply do the following: Squeeze the handle so the bristles open, position the open bristles over the insect, and release the handle so the bristles close. To release the insect outside, just squeeze the handle again so the bristles re-open. It's that easy. Plus it doesn't even kill the bugs. My Critter Catcher's applications are endless. It can be used to capture Tarantulas and all small spiders, scorpions, wasps, bees, stink bugs, crickets, cicadas, grasshoppers, butterflies, roaches, water beetles, etc. My Critter Catcher is about 25.5 inches long. The average arm length is 25.5 inches, so you can estimate your body being about 4 feet from the critter that you want to pick up.

EAN: 0752207320121

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