Stick to Slick Back Hair

Today, I want to share my thoughts on the AnWoor Hair Wax Stick to slick back hair. As someone who has struggled with flyaways, frizz, and edge control, I was excited to try out this product and see if it lived up to its claims. Overall, I can say that it has definitely impressed me in many ways.

Pros and Cons

What We Liked

  1. Wide Range of Applications: This wax stick is versatile and can be used for various hair styling needs, from designing braids and twists to taming flyaways and frizzy hair along the hairline and nape areas.
  2. Soft Styling: It doesn't weigh the hair down and provides a healthy look with enhanced shine on dry hair. It also helps fuse wigs and natural hair together seamlessly.
  3. Healthy & Mild: The ingredients in this wax stick, such as beeswax and avocado oil, nourish the hair without causing any damage to the scalp. It's suitable for all hair types and colors and is easy to clean with no residue.
  4. Easy Application: You can apply the wax stick directly to the desired area of your hair or first warm it up in your hands for even texture and styling. It works wonders for wispy and spiky styles.
  5. Cost Effective: Not only is this wax stick affordable, but it also provides good control over edge hair. It's a handy product to carry around and can make your hair look fuller, shinier, and more defined.

What Can Be Improved

  1. Waxiness: It's important to use this product sparingly, as applying too much can make your hair feel waxy. It may require a couple of shampoo rinses to completely remove the product from your hair.
  2. Scented Version: Some users reported a strong scent with this product, which may not be suitable for those sensitive to fragrances. An unscented version could be a great addition to cater to different preferences.

Quick Verdict

In conclusion, I highly recommend the AnWoor Hair Wax Stick for anyone looking for versatile hair styling and control. It has a wide range of applications, provides soft styling without weighing the hair down, and contains healthy ingredients. While it can be waxy if used excessively, its cost-effectiveness and ability to make your hair look fuller and defined make it a worthwhile addition to your hair care routine. Give it a try and say goodbye to flyaways and frizz!

You can find the AnWoor Hair Wax Stick on Amazon.

Unboxing - What's Inside?

As a customer in the USA, I recently purchased the AnWoor Hair Wax Stick, Styling Wax for Smooth Wigs from Amazon. The delivery was surprisingly fast, and I received the product within two days of placing my order.

Upon unboxing the package, I found the AnWoor Hair Wax Stick neatly packaged in a small box. Inside the box, there was only the hair wax stick itself. Unfortunately, there were no additional accessories or surprises included.


The AnWoor Hair Wax Stick is manufactured by AnWoor and its item model number is 1. The product dimensions are 3.5 x 1.46 x 1.5 inches, with a weight of 3.17 ounces. These compact dimensions make it easy to handle and carry around for styling on the go.


The product did not come with any user guide or documentation. However, I found the lack of a user guide to be a minor inconvenience as the application of the hair wax stick is straightforward and intuitive. For those who may prefer more guidance, it would have been helpful to have a user guide with tips and tricks for achieving different hairstyles. You can find the product on Amazon.

Features - What We Found

Soft Styling

The AnWoor Hair Wax Stick provides a soft styling option that does not weigh the hair down, allowing for a healthy look and enhancing the shine of dry hair. It is specifically designed to make wigs and natural hair fuse together seamlessly, resulting in a more natural and healthy appearance. The product offers up to 24 hours of hold, ensuring that your desired hairstyle lasts throughout the day.

Pro-tip: Before applying the wax stick, warm it up between your hands to make it easier to spread and apply evenly throughout your hair. This will help you achieve a smoother and more controlled styling.

Healthy & Mild

Formulated with natural ingredients such as beeswax and avocado oil, the AnWoor Hair Wax Stick promotes hair health and nourishment. It is a white solid wax that is gentle on the scalp, making it suitable for all hair types and colors without causing any damage. Additionally, it is easy to clean and leaves no residue behind, ensuring a hassle-free application and removal process.

Pro-tip: After applying the wax stick, use a small amount of warm water and a gentle shampoo to wash it out completely. This will prevent any product buildup and keep your hair and scalp healthy and clean.

Easy Application

The AnWoor Hair Wax Stick can be applied directly to the area of hair that needs to be controlled, allowing for precise styling and taming of flyaways and frizzy hair. Alternatively, you can apply the wax to your hands first to evenly distribute it throughout your hair. This versatile application method ensures that you can achieve a variety of styles, including wispy and spiky looks.

Cost Effective

Not only does the AnWoor Hair Wax Stick provide effective control for edge hair, wigs, and natural hair, but it is also an affordable option. It offers great value for its quality and performance, making it a cost-effective choice for those looking to enhance the appearance of their hair. The compact size of the wax stick allows for easy portability, making it convenient for use in various settings and on-the-go touch-ups.

Pro-tip: To maximize the longevity of the product, store it in a cool and dry place. This will prevent the wax from melting or losing its shape, ensuring that it lasts longer and delivers consistent results.

Wide Range of Applications

The AnWoor Hair Wax Stick is a versatile product suitable for a wide range of applications. It can be used for relaxed or styled hair, making it useful for various hair types and styling preferences. The wax stick helps fuse hair together when designing braids and twists, providing added hold and control. It also smoothes down flyaways and frizzy hair along the hairline and nape areas, creating a polished and sleek look.

With its multi-purpose functionality, the AnWoor Hair Wax Stick is a must-have styling product for anyone seeking versatility and hair control.

To learn more about the AnWoor Hair Wax Stick, you can visit the product's Amazon page.


Final Thoughts


Our Score: 83.0

I recently tried the AnWoor Hair Wax Stick and I have to say, I'm quite impressed. As someone with flyaways and frizzy hair, this product has been a game-changer for me. It effectively smooths down my flyaways and keeps my hair in place all day long. I love the fact that it is non-greasy and doesn't weigh my hair down, giving it a healthy and natural look. The stick format makes it so easy to apply, either directly onto the hair or by using my hands for even distribution. I have also used it on my wigs, and it works wonders, making them blend seamlessly with my natural hair.

One of the things I appreciate about this hair wax stick is its versatility. It can be used for various styles, from braids and twists to creating wispy and spiky looks. It holds my hair in place for up to 24 hours, which is impressive. The ingredients in this wax stick are also worth mentioning. It contains beeswax, avocado oil, and other plant-based ingredients that nourish and protect the hair. I have noticed that my hair feels healthier and more manageable since using this product.

In terms of value for money, this hair wax stick is a winner. It's affordable and lasts a long time, even with regular use. I also appreciate its compact size, making it easy to carry around for touch-ups throughout the day. Overall, I highly recommend the AnWoor Hair Wax Stick for anyone looking to tame flyaways, smooth frizz, and achieve a polished look. It's a reliable and effective styling product that delivers great results.

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