Commercial Liquid Drain Cleaner

Today I'm going to share my experience with the Drano Max Build Up Remover Drain Cleaner, Commercial Line. As someone who constantly deals with clogged drains, I was excited to try this product out. With its unique formula containing natural enzymes, it claims to help remove build-ups and prevent septic system back-ups. So, let's dive into the pros and cons of this drain cleaner!

Drano Max Build Up Remover Drain Cleaner

Pros and Cons

What We Liked

  1. Unique Formula with Natural Enzymes: I really appreciate that this drain cleaner uses natural enzymes instead of harsh chemicals. It gives me peace of mind knowing that I'm not polluting the environment while unclogging my drain.
  2. Helps Remove Build-ups: This product does a great job in breaking down tough build-ups. It has been effective in clearing out gunk and debris that were causing slow drains in my kitchen and bathroom.
  3. Safe for Various Drains: One of the standout features of this drain cleaner is that it's safe to use in garbage disposals, bathroom, kitchen, and other drains. It's even safe for toilets!
  4. Prevents Septic System Back-up: With regular use, this cleaner helps prevent septic system back-ups. It gives me peace of mind knowing that my septic system is being taken care of and avoiding potential costly repairs.
  5. Overnight Use: I love the convenience of being able to leave this cleaner in the drains overnight. It gives the enzymes more time to work their magic, resulting in a thoroughly clean drain in the morning.

What Can Be Improved

  1. Regular vs. Max Build Up Remover: There were a few reviews that mentioned the Max Build Up Remover didn't provide a noticeable improvement over the regular Drano. It would be helpful to have a clear distinction between the two products and their respective strengths.
  2. Limited Effectiveness: Although most of the reviews were positive, there were a few instances where customers felt the product didn't work as well as expected. It would be great if the effectiveness of the cleaner could be improved to ensure consistent results.

Quick Verdict

Overall, I found the Drano Max Build Up Remover Drain Cleaner, Commercial Line, to be a reliable solution for clearing clogged drains. Its unique formula with natural enzymes, ability to remove build-ups, and safety for various drains make it a great choice. However, some customers have mentioned that the regular Drano may provide similar results. If you're dealing with stubborn build-ups and want a more eco-friendly option, the Drano Max Build Up Remover is worth a try. You can find this product here. Happy unclogging!

Unboxing - What's Inside?

I recently purchased the Drano Max Build Up Remover Drain Cleaner from Amazon for my clogged bathroom sink. I was experiencing slow drainage and wanted to find a solution quickly. Living in the USA, I ordered the product on Amazon and was pleased to receive it just a few days later.

Upon unboxing the product, I found the Drano Max Build Up Remover Drain Cleaner in a sturdy box. Inside the box, there was the 60 oz bottle of the drain cleaner. The bottle was well-packaged and sealed to prevent any leakage during transit.


The Drano Max Build Up Remover Drain Cleaner is a product from SC Johnson. The item model number is 333671. The package dimensions of the product are 9.65 x 5.75 x 3.82 inches, and it weighs 4 pounds. It was first made available on September 28, 2022.

User Guide

The documentation provided with the Drano Max Build Up Remover Drain Cleaner was extremely helpful. It included a user guide that explained the proper usage and precautions while using the drain cleaner. The user guide also provided useful tips and recommendations for best results. You can find the user guide here.

Features - What We Found

Natural Enzyme Formula

The Drano Max Build Up Remover Drain Cleaner features a unique formula that contains natural enzymes. These enzymes work to break down and dissolve the build-up that can clog your drains over time. Unlike harsh chemicals, the natural enzymes in this drain cleaner are effective and safe for use in your home.

With the natural enzyme formula, you can trust that this drain cleaner will not only unclog your drains but also prevent future build-ups from occurring. The enzymes target the organic materials that contribute to drain clogs, effectively eliminating the root cause of the problem.

Pro-tip: For best results, allow the drain cleaner to sit in the drain overnight. This extended contact time allows the natural enzymes to thoroughly break down the build-up, ensuring optimal performance.

Safe for Various Drains and Septic Systems

The Drano Max Build Up Remover Drain Cleaner is safe to use on a wide range of drains, including those in the bathroom, kitchen, and garbage disposals. This versatility makes it a convenient option for all your drain cleaning needs.

In addition, this drain cleaner is safe for use in toilets and septic systems. It effectively removes build-up without causing any damage or disruption to these sensitive plumbing systems. You can trust that this product will not only clear your drains but also maintain the health of your entire plumbing system.

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Prevents Septic System Back-Up

The Drano Max Build Up Remover Drain Cleaner not only clears existing build-up but also helps prevent septic system back-up. The natural enzymes in the formula actively break down the organic matter that can accumulate in your drains and septic system, reducing the risk of backups and costly repairs.

This feature provides peace of mind, knowing that your septic system is being properly maintained and protected against potential issues. By using this drain cleaner regularly, you can prevent future problems and ensure the efficient functioning of your septic system.

Extended Overnight Action

The Drano Max Build Up Remover Drain Cleaner is designed to be left in the drains overnight, providing extended contact time for maximum effectiveness. This allows the natural enzymes to thoroughly penetrate and break down the toughest build-up, ensuring a deep and thorough clean.

By leaving the drain cleaner in overnight, you can save time and effort as the product does the hard work for you. In the morning, simply flush the drain with hot water to rinse away the dissolved build-up and experience clear and smooth-flowing drains.

Pro-tip: For stubborn build-up, consider using the product for several consecutive nights to achieve the best results. The extended overnight action will gradually dissolve and remove even the most stubborn clogs.

Effective Build-Up Removal

The Drano Max Build Up Remover Drain Cleaner is specifically formulated to target and remove build-up in your drains. Whether it's hair, grease, soap scum, or other organic materials, this drain cleaner works effectively to dissolve the build-up and restore proper drainage.

This product not only unclogs your drains but also helps restore their original flow capacity, preventing future clogs from occurring. By regularly using this drain cleaner, you can maintain clean and clear drains throughout your home, ensuring optimal plumbing performance.

With its powerful formula and natural enzymatic action, the Drano Max Build Up Remover Drain Cleaner is a reliable solution for maintaining clean and free-flowing drains in your home.

Our Review

Our Score: 77.0

As a homeowner, I have had my fair share of clogged drains over the years. When I came across the Drano Max Build Up Remover Drain Cleaner, I was skeptical but willing to give it a try. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by its effectiveness.

The unique formula with natural enzymes in this drain cleaner is what sets it apart. Unlike other products I've used in the past, this one doesn't just temporarily clear the clog; it helps to remove build ups and prevents future clogs. I found it especially useful for my kitchen sink and bathroom drains, as it is safe for both garbage disposals and toilets.

One feature that I really appreciate about this product is its ability to be left in drains overnight. This allows the enzymes to work their magic, breaking down any build up and ensuring a clear drain by the morning. It saves me time and effort, as I no longer have to constantly monitor the progress of the cleaner.

If you're in need of a reliable drain cleaner, I highly recommend giving the Drano Max Build Up Remover a try. With a rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars based on 612 reviews, it is clear that many others have found success with this product as well. Don't let clogged drains be a hassle in your life; let Drano do the work for you.

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Still not sold? Checkout These Alternatives

When it comes to keeping your drains clean and clog-free, Drano Max Build Up Remover Drain Cleaner is a popular choice. However, there are several alternative products available that also offer effective results. Let me introduce you to some of these products and explain why you should consider them instead of the main product.

  1. Drano Max Gel Drain Clog Remover And Cleaner: This powerful drain cleaner not only unclogs drains but also removes hair, soap scum, and other blockages. With its gel formula, it clings to the pipes and dissolves even the toughest clogs. The pack of two 80 oz bottles ensures that you have enough supply for multiple uses. You can find it on Amazon here.
  2. CLR Clear Pipes & Drains Clog Remover and Cleaner: Another reliable option for clearing clogs in showers, sinks, toilets, and garbage disposals is CLR Clear Pipes & Drains. This 42-ounce bottle is specifically designed to break down and remove tough clogs, leaving your drains flowing smoothly. You can purchase it on Amazon here.
  3. Drano Dual-Force Foamer Clog Remover: If you prefer a foaming action to tackle clogs, this product is for you. The Drano Dual-Force Foamer Clog Remover expands into every nook and cranny of your pipes to dissolve clogs and leave them clean and fresh. Its 17 fl oz size is perfect for smaller jobs. You can find it on Amazon here.
  4. Drano Liquid Drain Clog Remover and Cleaner: For a more traditional liquid drain cleaner, try Drano Liquid. It effectively unclogs and removes hair, soap scum, and other blockages in shower or sink drains. The 32 oz bottle provides multiple uses, ensuring long-lasting results. You can purchase it on Amazon here.

These alternatives offer similar effectiveness as the Drano Max Build Up Remover Drain Cleaner while providing different formulations and packaging options. Whether you prefer gel, liquid, or foam, there's a product that suits your specific needs. Additionally, the alternative products come in different sizes and quantities, allowing you to choose the right amount for your requirements.

Considering these alternative products gives you more options when it comes to selecting the ideal drain cleaner. Explore the provided links to find the one that best fits your preferences and start enjoying clean and clog-free drains today.

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